PreK-5 Social Emotional Curriculum

Educator Facilitated

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Teacher Driven Approach

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Research Based Curriculum

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What does CampTimber bring to your Students?

Blended learning, web-based solution

Digital and offline components to complete the classroom and student experience.

Curriculum informed by CASEL and multi-state alignments

CampTimber curriculum developed with research-based data and SEL alignment to bring one of the most complete and easy to use Social and Emotional teaching tools available.

Integrated PD & mindfulness exercises

Daily exercises and optional whole class or small group extension activities.

Classroom, Campus, and District Reporting

In-depth and easy to navigate reporting built into CampTimber. Whether you are using           CampTimber – Empathy Explore (PreK-1), or CampTimber – Respect Climber (2-5) all reporting is conveniently located in the CampTimber Dashboard.

Teacher driven, whole-class approach

We keep educators in control of Social Emotional Content and activities while delivering the Camp Timber SEL curriculum. This approach encourages collaboration with peers and interaction with the education staff allowing students to demonstrate their SEL skills.

8-14 minute lessons, easy to integrate

Quick lessons and easy to follow activities provides a zero preparation advantage.

SEL RTI for Counselors and School Psychologists

Our Index of activites allows Counselors and School Psychologists to pinpoint SEL skill gap focus for students who need additional support.

93% of Teachers express a desire for more Social Emotional Learning in the Classroom. 
On average, for every $1 spent of SEL programming, there is a return of $11.
Based on a recent study, after using an SEL program, students showed an average of 11 percentile point gain in academic achievement.

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